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Oil Change

5 Minutes

Tire Change

Less than 7 minutes





Base Unit + Modules

Mark 15

The Mark 15 is a state-of-the-art vehicle maintenance and repair system. The system can change, rotate, inflate, deflate, align, and balance a tire and wheel assembly. The Mark 15 also changes vehicle oil/filter, radiator fluid/filter, power steering fluid, wiper fluid, and the transmission fluid/filter. The system also possesses the ability to carry out a variety of cosmetic detailing, scratch repair, paint changes, and a number of mechanical repairs.


The Mark 15 combines autonomous functionality with a modular design architecture. This allows technicians and shop owners to automate all the simple, high-volume services, and simultaneously give them the option to upgrade and install more technical modules as they become available.


Benefits of the system are significantly reduced operating costs, significantly shorter repair times for labor intensive but simple repairs, and the ability to service more cars daily.  


Tire Control Module


The Tire Control Module autonomously moves about the Base Unit and is responsible for all tire and wheel maintenance operations. The TCM removes and replaces a tire/wheel assembly from a vehicle, deflates/inflates tires, separates tires from wheels, changes old tires out for new ones, applies lubrication, balances, and rotates tire/wheel assemblies. 


The Tire Control Module consists of a lug-nut remover, tire-control rods, tire changing tools, a wheel securing platform and mechanism, a lubrication applicator, and multi-axis cobot that removes valve covers and inflates/deflates tires. 


Oil Change Module

The Oil Change Module is responsible for the changing of vehicle oil and the refilling of various other fluids. The module consists of one or more top-side multi axis cobots that removes/replaces an engine oil/fluid caps and deposits new oil/fluids into an engine block (not shown.) The module also consists of an under-side mechatronic toolbox (shown.) The toolbox consists of 2 miniature multi axis cobots with interchangeable tool heads, slots for various oil filters, different size oil drainage sockets, and a reservoir for new and old oil/fluid. 

Modular Home

Base Unit


The Base Unit is the primary structural unit and the modular home for all other service modules. The Base Unit is purchased separately from all other modules and each customer must have at least one for the system to operate. The Base Unit consists of a hydraulic vehicle lift, tire balancing rollers, tire retrieval posts, a user-machine interface tablet, machine vision sensors, and the systems primary CPU/PLC’s.


Mechanical Parts Module

The Mechanical Parts Module is responsible for the maintenance of the mechanical systems on vehicles. The module's hardware and software updates over time as new mechanical servicing operations and tools become available. The Mechanical Parts Module consists of one or more top-side multi axis cobots with interchangeable tool heads and an under-side toolbox consisting of 2 miniature multi axis cobots with interchangeable tool heads and a variety of tools.  


Paint Application/Cosmetic Detail Module

The Paint Application/Cosmetic Detail Module is responsible for autonomously carrying out paint changes, applying various coatings (scratch, waterproof, etc.), vehicle cosmetic detailing such as waxes, and repairing surface level cosmetic damages such as scratches. The module consists of 2 top-side multi axis cobots: one with a spray head/heater and another with a sanding/buffer head. The module also consists of an under-side paint/fluid canister reservoir that feeds the desired applicant to the spray head

5-Star Overall Safety Rating




Front Seat


Rear Seat



More Information

For pricing, installation, delivery, or any other questions regarding the Mark 15. Please contact the sales engineer listed below. 

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